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About nemlog

nemlog is blog communication service with tipping feature. You can donate nem to NEMber who posted blog you like or/and sympathize. nemlog was launched to create environment which NEMber can communicate each other via blog.

"Nage NEM" becomes impressed exerience for you!

"Nage" means "throw" in Japanese.We express the NEM donation as "Nage NEM"! & You can immediately make Nage NEM to NEMber's post that has been shaken your heart. Your excitement is recorded in the NEM blockchain and it will never be lost... "Nage NEM" can be done by your "QR key" approval which is special encryption of the private key of your NEM wallet. Please experience the casual cryptocurrency donation using the QR key!

For sefety use

Important thing to handle crypto-currency is that properly manage "private key". nemlog does not store user's private key online, so better design for prevention of fund leakage.

  • nemlog database does not have any private key.This is nemlog decentralization
  • QR-key is encrypted private key, the key is not speculated from QR-key because each QR-key has other encrypt method.
  • Not big matter if QR-key is stolen because each QR-key has other encrypt method.
  • Private key is decrypted from QR-key under offline condition & transfer the key to nem signed(crypted) conditon also under offline.No row info of private key is used on any communication.
nemlog is making effort to enhance its security in order to use without any concern, ,but not 100%, user also have to take care the security. Please be careful about Malware threats.
  • Do not use suspicious programs.
  • Do not receive suspicious emails.
  • Do not access untrusted links
Please be sure to self-defend. Also, I would like to ask everyone not to store a lot of nem in nemlog wallet. Thanks for your cooperation! Let's enjoy safe nemlog life!