About nemlog

nemlog is blog communication service with tipping feature. You can donate nem to NEMber who posted blog you like or/and sympathize. nemlog was launched to create environment which NEMber can communicate each other via blog.
In addition to tipping feature on blog,We are providing "Tipping nem widget" for external blog service. User can attach this function on your own blog for example which made by Wordpress.

We would like to set a goal to improve nem publicity ,awareness ,visibility & its value. Firstly we start nemlog in Japan & gradually expand world wide project.

Why using nem

There are many kind of crypt currencyies today ,Nevertheless why using nem? why not using Bitcoin or Etherium? I have following reasons although we would honestly like to say "WE LOVE nem!"

  1. Future Potential : High security degree ,a lot of affiliation projects ,Development easiness
  2. Low sending fee : Compare to other currencies
  3. Fast senting time : Tx created every minute
  4. Vigorous nem community! : There are a lot of nem community in many countries

Near future,nem mosaic system(Original token) will be utilize for nemlog.

Transparency of nemlog activities

This service goes through with NEMber's courtesy ,so our activities should open correctly & secure its transparency ,and also we are using nem block chain syNEM as is,anyone can access it & enable to see/refer the history. Tipping & Donation for us, all transactions are certainly recorded. We open our activities & update information proactively & Donation from user will be utilize for future development & service maintenance.

Link for Future development

We intend to develop nem related service/products in the future & they will be linked to nemlog. Next service is nem store ,user can locate own store on the service & payment by nem. Store owner can post their store info & new item info etc on nemlog, store owner & customer can create close relationship. & other planed project is "nem funding". It is donation by nem for each project which you like! We might have opportunities to find good projects about Solution of social & environmental issues ,Creation of new employment/education etc. These kind of project which contributes for people & social, wI would like to support, Of course ,individual dreams are also ok to post (Want to establish own company, go w/w tour & held illust exibision) My service support New Economy Movement!

Donation for nemlog

nemlog is just started improving nem economy.Not big wave so far ,but the movement will be big. We continually update & revise the syNEM based on user's voice. We would appreciate if you donate small amount of nem for us.