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Accepting orders for nemgraph model necklaces!

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We will extend the order period for nemgraph models to 9/30!

This is because it takes some time for the nemgraph photo contest results.

Accepting orders for nemgraph model necklaces!
First of all, I am not good at English.
This article is written in Google Translate. Sorry for poor English.
Sorry I made you wait.
Necklace with nemgraph logo motif is ready for sale!
As I wrote in the previous article, this model is scheduled to be sold for a limited time and there is no plan to sell it later!
I am sorry for those who want to think slowly, but if you wish, please take this opportunity.
If you think later, don't forget to leave a note in your schedule book!
Below is a sales guide.
XEM payment Support
Sales method Build-to-order manufacturing
Order deadline September 22 September 30
Scheduled delivery date About 1.5 to 2.5 months from the order deadline + delivery period (region dependent)
price Listed in price list
Payment date Full payment in advance
Sales store Crypto Marche
Application / Purchase Inquiries

Please contact CryptoMarche's twitter DM.

* If you do not have a twitter account, please contact me so I can manage it.


The email address is an image to prevent spam.

Since it is also a prize for nemgraph photo contests, the order deadline will be 9/22 September 30 after the photo contest deadline (9/20).
Click here for photo contest information
We ask the CryptoMarche to sell it as usual. For inquiries about purchases, please apply with CryptoMarche's twitter DM!
In addition, please refrain from canceling the order after it has been made to order. This is because production takes place after the order is received.
An additional shipping fee will be charged, but anonymous delivery and overseas delivery are also possible!
Please Note
Due to the characteristics of the silver accessories, discoloration due to use is inevitable.
If you search the Internet, you will find information on how to clean it.
If the black color of the black model is removed to remove the silver discoloration, the black background will be lost. Do not clean the background area to remove discoloration.
The price list is as follows.
Until now, the price of materials such as packing materials has been estimated to be lower than the actual price. Therefore, the price of existing models will also be revised at this time.
Only the botanical model (No. 001) comes with a chain. Other models do not come with a chain. Please be careful.
Purchase a chain that fits your body at an accessory shop.
925 silver is recommended for the chain material.
Introducing product images!
Arranged two
Existing model
From left to right, they are
001 Botanical design,
004 silver 12mm,
005 silver 15mm,
002 titanium 12mm,
003 titanium 15mm.

The newly released Nemgraph model is also 12mm in size.

If you miss this time, there are no resale plans. If you want to purchase, don't forget to apply by the due date.


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