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Hi, I'm nembear!

First I will provide the outline of "nemurie"contest.
【table of contents】
①Contest outline
③Contest schedule
④Target illustration
⑥Selection method
①:Contest outline
The NEM community in Japan occasionally holds some art events such as  logo competition.
But none of Nembers are not good at designing logos.
so we decided to hold a NEM-themed coloring contest for all NEMbers.
you can enjoy it alone or with your kids, or friends.
Feel free to use any colors you like and enjoy yourself go crazy! 
Let's get coloring!
・Grand-prix   100XEM  +  all gifting nem to my entry
※about gifting nem
Gifting nem is usually used to reward writers who contribute good articles to this blog.
this fantastic blog is run by Japanese engineer (@shu80115), who runs it all by himself.
③Contest schedule
①Application period : 
October 16th, 2018 ~ October 28th,2018
②First round   (we will narrow it down to 5 nominees.)  :
October 29th, 2018 ~ October 30th,2018
③Final round  (Online voting) 
October 31th,2018 ~ November 4th,2018
④Result announcement
November 5th,2018 on this blog
④Target illustration
Color freely  HARUMAKI and SHUUMAI, the nem ninja characters .
⑤ Qualifications 

① color the target illustration

※any coloring method is acceptable

post your colored illustration on twitter with #nemurie

※if you don't want to post on your account,send it us via DM.

③ after you post it on twitter , DM @nembear that you have posted

⑥selection method  
Voting will be done by commenting on  nemlog. 
Administrators will narrow down to 5 works in the first round.  
We are looking forward to seeing your works!!!!!

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