Let's tipping nem among NEMbers

Current blog system

There is not the blog posting service with nem tipping then we created it. Today, flood of information can be accesed via internet,most of them are free. Actually,we are used to getting free information & no fee is paid for information. You buy $1 beverage ,but you hesitate to buy $1 app.most of people think so,right?

In Japan,There is no tip culture in daily life & tipping is not habit our nemlog aim is that the culture which people can convey their feeling,emotion & heart to others. Let's donate nem to the NEMber who provides good & useful information It is not forced,it is not amount of vlave, just your herat is important thing.

We would like to increase value of nem by nemlog & nem tipping feature.

Compatible with other nem wallet

nemlog wallet can synchronize other nem wallet. You can confirm balance in nemlog wallet on other nem wallet. mobile nem wallet can be dowloaded from Google play & App Store.

Buy nem & exchange to fiat currency USD etc...

nem is being traded like other Crypt currencies at crypt currency exchanges.nem trade is available several exchanges & enable to exchange for Japanese yen US dollar or bit coin. There are not many exchanges handling nem in Japan, Overseas exchanges deal with nem. Here are link of several exchanges why don't you setting up an account for trading nem to tip in nemlog?