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Let's Nemlog !

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INM 2019-02-21 08:59:57

Welcome to the Nemlog.


Nemlog is a blog that can donate NEM to good articles.


Nemlog can earn by writing a blog.


It is a blog I have never seen before.


Nemlog is about to become a boom in Japan.


I am writing about Block Chain application on Nemlog.


I got 74 NEM donations so far.


I am not good at English, but I will do my best to disseminate the goodness of Nemlog to everyone and send it in English.


Please feel free to use Nemlog.









Why don't you get crypt currency 'nem' by posting your blog article?

nemlog is blog posting service which has donation feature by crypt currency nem.
nemlog was launched to create environment which can be donated nem among NEMbers via blog articles.
Let's get nem by posting good blogs.

Nem prize event is being held frequently, Please join us on this opportunity!

nemlog registration from here
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