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Let's help the adoption of nemlog

2019-03-01 14:25:51
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Many great NEM projects are  coming from Japan. None of these projects are  related to the staff of the Nem Foundation, which means they have been supported by the Japanese NEM community. Take, for example, this NEMLOG project. A blog website where authors can earn XEM for their articles. These days there are a lot of rumors surrounding Bitcoin and the lightning network. This website is receiving a lot of attention. Famous people like the CEO of Twitter are backing this up. If you look at some blockchain influencers, you can see the Tippin icon on their  websites or Twitter profiles.

But how about NEMLOG? Nem has this cool service from Japan that only our Japanese fans know.  Luckily someone took time to translate the main website in English, so now more people can use it and get rewards with XEM. NEM can prove that it's as good as bitcoin and other protocols, however some actions are required.



Although there are more speakers of Spanish than of English (I am Spanish), English is the most international language. Japanese is only related to Japan and that's good, but it's not enough if those projects want to be global. Someone has to make the effort and translate the projects. Using google translate is not the best option.



Now we have nemlog in English, but still nobody knows the project outside of Japan. Everyone is using bitcoin lightning! We have to promote it. This is the work not only of the creators of Nemlog and the NEM community, but also of the NEM Foundation. We are not talking about an ICO, so it is good to promote these projects in the public chain. These are the projects that help make the blockchain popular.



Why use MEDIUM or other blogging platforms when we have this one using NEM like NEMLOG. I encourage Alexandra, The Council, Core devs and the people who remain in  Nem Foundation to use it. 


This was my first article on NEMLOG. Thank you so much, 



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