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There are a few experiences or observations in life that were important to me as a human being.Nr1

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Dorian 2019-03-13 09:03:07


There are a few experiences or observations in life that were important to me as a human being. Of course, an observation depends on the point of view of the observer. That's why every contribution can be debated. The points that I would like to address in the next contributions, I see as generally valid.


The first observation is:


For a natural personality development, a healthy community is needed.


I see this point as truth, and I want to explain it.


Although integration into a community is often difficult, you need it to become a complete personality. This consideration assumes that the community we are in is a majority civilized. Not toxic and not degrading. If you are in such a relationship, try to change it as best you can. There is always another circle of friends, club, employer, city, country, continent.


A positive aspect of the community, on the individual, is the pressure. That may not sound very good, but it has a lot of advantages.
In this case, integration is an advantage for the individual. As humans, we tend to misbehave in unobserved situations. In a community, we often behave better and try to control ourselves better. We try to convince each other of our qualities and seek mutual appreciation.

Every time I join a forum or a chat group, it's like a blind date. How will the community be? Will she accept me? I have to show my best side!

We hold that community is good for living out positive traits. And, under observation, it's easier to let go of bad habits.


Isolation from the community is dangerous.
Isolation does not only mean that you withdraw from the community, but also the loss of your ability to grow.
To grow, you need food for body and mind. Of course, one could continue to eat as a solitary for body care. But the spirit suffers harm. The brain needs stimuli and impulses to grow. It takes foreign concepts and experiences to analyze, to draw conclusions and to grow. If someone eats less and less, the stomach shrinks. I want to say that it is similar to the brain. The less information we expose our self, the less we know. But we understand that the unknown, scares us. And at this point another trap opens up. The isolation feeds the unknown, the unknowing feeds the fear. A return is made more difficult. So we hold that, by dealing with ideas, views and people in our environment, our thoughts horizon expands. And that's how we feed our brains and it does not become our trap.


On a healthy scale, the competition in a community is also good. You can compete with others and test your own abilities. You get a better picture of yourself in comparison and can better assess yourself.


Only through the interaction with people you can experience the entire emotional set. So avoiding others means renouncing at the most wonderful moments in life. In order to be able to evaluate everything in the end, you should also experience everything.


I hope everyone finds a community, and if you can not find a suitable, you can start a new one.

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2019-03-13 13:20:06ID:79619

I think so, too.

2019-03-13 09:29:47ID:79501

Communication with many people is important in our life !

2019-03-13 09:15:42ID:79496

I'll give it a try!

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