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Introduction and how to buy NEM necklace

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Hello. I am EnjoyCryptoDays.
The other day, Flora-sama purchased a necklace that I manufactured.
Because of this, people overseas have also become interested in my necklace.
On this occasion, I will explain the product description and ordering method in English.
(I'm not good at English. And this sentence is written by Google translation. Please forgive me if you have strange expressions.)

Product Description

My products include products with model numbers 001-005.
The design, material, size and price of each model are as shown in the table below.
Shipping out of Japan is also possible, but additional shipping costs are required.
And be careful, as there are models that do not come with a chain.
Next, I will explain each model.
Model 001
This model is adding the image of the plant to the original logo of NEM as a motif.
NEM has an image of plants. For example, harvesting and PoI, which have a low impact on the environment.
In addition, this product also means to nurture your "challenge seed". It's just like growing plants carefully.
It is a necklace which prays that your "challenge" sprouts safely.
It is a Japanese article, but the detailed meaning is explained in the article below.
Because this model is a particularly premium model, it is carefully manufactured by asking skilled craftsmen.
Model 002
Model 003
It is a necklace made of titanium that is said to be difficult to cause metal allergy.
This model does not come with a chain, so please purchase at the accessories shop.
Model 004
Model 005
Standard necklace made of 925 silver.
This model does not come with a chain, so please purchase at the accessories shop.
Also, in most cases, I think that there is no problem, but please be aware of the following precautions.
This product is designed and manufactured on the premise that it is used only in Japan.
For use outside Japan, Please use it at your own risk. Please carefully check the law and regulations.
How to buy
This necklace is designed and manufactured by EnjoyCryptoDays. And, I am asking for sale to @ponchiki_master.
He has opened a store in Tokyo, called CryptoMarche, which allows payment with cryptocurrency.
He will also be in charge of selling necklaces out of Japan.
If you wish to buy, please send a message to his Twitter DM.


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001モデル…買いたい…一目惚れしてしまったが、20000 円ごえ…くっ、てが届かない😭

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