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Dear NemJapan Community, about nemlog, nemgraph

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Dorian 2019-04-20 21:38:01
Dear NemJapan Community, Thanks for the great projects you develop and make available. I would like to highlight NemLog and the upcoming Nemgraph. These projects are a huge opportunity for Nem to gain popularity. They are not classic industry use cases, but increase the reach, the visibility and the transactions as well as the fees. They provide the community platforms, and extension of the same, beyond the investor model. Many thanks to the builders of these projects. Now for my concern, should the points I have mentioned in the course of the discussion, be in planning or work, so forgive me. I am a Nemlog user myself and the platform itself is excellent. Unfortunately, the translation module is partly unsuitable for the western user. Also, Asia and Europe / USA have different interpretations of layout. My question is whether you have considered revamping versions for our market or developing your project in cooperation with western partners? Nemlog could get a customized layout in the western version and be used as like medium ( ). Even easier is a later localization of Nemgraph. That could be a big push for Nem. But I also understand if that does not come into question for you. Dorian

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2019-04-21 07:01:48ID:107152

>>目指せ北海道:: >>目指せ北海道:: I understand, and thank you.

2019-04-21 06:21:08ID:107144

I am not a developer but would place my personal opinions.

As you mention, nemlog is not a business oriented project at present, and, developed and maintained by single person, Shu. He seems to enjoying an experimental stage and waiting for people here to find out our future.

Medium is a great possibility, I think, with more advanced features compared with traditional blogs. Another possibility is note (; people can set the prices of their information there.

Then, what is nemlog? I feel that nemlog is one of the first information sharing platforms, where readers can set the price of information. Looks like flee market without price tags.

We have a large barrier of language. So, I do not know Shu and people here want to make nemlog global now. Maybe too early and NEM Japan is too quiet on this matter. Something is missing....

2019-04-21 05:47:01ID:107139

>>目指せ北海道:: Thank you very much!!

2019-04-20 23:38:30ID:107051

If you like the idea, I would recommend sketching an actions plan. And introduce this to the global community and look for potential helpers to get the job done, if possible.

2019-04-20 22:33:12ID:106989

I think so too. Nemlog and Nemgraph are almost his personal projects. I think he needs to help by someone because he has a job and very busy.

2019-04-20 22:24:54ID:106971


2019-04-20 22:23:54ID:106967


2019-04-20 22:08:43ID:106939

Hi, Dorian. Thank you for you suggestion. I would put brief translation of your message here in Japanese. Hokkaido

親愛なる日本のみなさんへ。素晴らしいプロジェクトを作ってくれてありがとうございます。NemlogとNemgraphにはとても注目しています。この2つは、Nemが注目を集める大きなきっかけになります。これらは、古典的なビジネス利用とは異なり、より多くの人に訴えかけ、関心を集め、トランザクションを増やしてくれます。手数料もね。NemlogとNemgraphはコミュニティープラットフォームを提供すると同時に、単なる投資を超えた領域を開拓していくでしょう。開発者に心から感謝いたします。これから私が述べることが、すでに考慮されているか、または実行されつつあった場合はお許しください。私自身、Nemlogユーザーであり、このプラットフォームは素晴らしいものだと思っています。しかし、残念なことに現在の翻訳機能は必ずしも西洋のユーザーにとって使いやすいものではないようです。また、アジアやヨーロッパ/アメリカは、それぞれ独自のレイアウトに対する慣れの問題があります。そこで、質問です。みなさん(しゅうさん?)は、新バージョンへの刷新、あるいは、欧米のパートナーと協力してプロジェクトを開発することを考えていますか?Nemlogは、欧米バージョンのカスタムレイアウトを持つこともできるでしょうし、medium (のように使われることもできるでしょう。そうすればNemgraphのローカライゼーションも楽になるかと思います。それはNemを大きく前進させることになります。もちろん、このような申し出が真剣に議論されるには時期尚早である可能性も理解しております。Dorian


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