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NEM2 Secret Sharing Concept

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Hi everyone, English speaker here :D My name is Bader Youssef, also known as @crackTheC0de on Telegram. I am from the United States, and have been developing on NEM, specifically Catapult, for about a year now.


I wanted to post to nemlog, so I decided to post my discoveries about an interesting cryptographic scheme, and how it can be utilized Catapult. For now, this is only a basic use case / explanation. In the future, I will post more detailed use cases and explanations. A couple months ago, I came across a cryptographic sharing scheme called Shamir's Secret Sharing.


In summary, this scheme allows a piece of data, or the "secret", to be divided into multiple parts, called shares.


In order to see the data, you need a certain number of parts to unlock the secret. This may sound similar - and that's because it is! This scheme is similar to how NEM's multisignature contracts work, where you need n of m cosignatories in order to perform the specified action, like a reveal a secret or send a transaction.


I believe Shamir's Secret Sharing holds a lot of potential with Catapult in terms of multisig messages, sharding private keys, and more. I wrote a small Typescript / Javascript library for the purposes above:


I would greatly appreciate any PRs or improvements. Thanks for reading!

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Glad you liked it!

I don't see why not. As long as the number of shares generated is proportionate to the data (1000 bytes), I think it can be done as you described. Will surely test and make another post with this experiment!

2019-05-08 15:09:52ID:114703

Great idea! I read about Shamir's Secret Sharing on Wikipedia, and now have a question. Can you hide a very large number (eg, 1000bytes or more) into a set of coordinates using much smaller numbers, which can be included in the messages in a blockchain?

2019-05-07 08:11:17ID:114220



は非常に良い比較! XEM価格で「カタパルトボール」を作成してを急上昇させることができます。XD

You are welcome.

Haha very good comparison! We can create a "Catapult Ball" for the XEM price to skyrocket XD

2019-05-06 21:53:43ID:114113

Hi, Bader.
Thank you for sharing your great scheme.

When I read your post, I got an idea like "Dragon Ball" which is seven orbs to summon Shenlong, a wish-granting dragon. :D

2019-05-06 21:16:37ID:114092

It's was so. Thank you for your answer.

2019-05-06 17:52:53ID:114043


こんにちは!私はTelegramグループからnemlogについて学びました。私はNEM Red TelegramとNEM Forumで見つけました。

Hi! I learned about nemlog from the Telegram groups. I found out on the NEM Red Telegram and NEM Forum..

2019-05-06 13:44:46ID:113927

Hello. I'm curious where you learned nemlog.

2019-05-06 08:48:54ID:113824

>>matsuno@漆黒のFiFiイベ連動企画隊員:: Thank you!

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