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Laikipia Innovation Fair 2019

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Welcoming you to the land of Wakanda to witness the most innovative individuals at the Heart of Kenya in Nyahururu town this year, will be an exhibition from among the selected innovators from this year applications as well as the Top Tier innovators on 30th and 31st of May 2019 at Nyahururu Stadium

Last year, Laikipia County Government sponsored and organised the first edition of the event which took place at Nyahururu Stadium. The event saw partnerships of other Government departments and ministries to grace the occasion.


The second edition was meant to Harness technology through culture. The event took place on 10th and 11th December at Rumuruti Stadium. This saw close to over 40 different indigenous technology being displayed by various ethnic communities from across the county.


Lead by Ms Winnie Mwangi, the Acting Director of Innovation and industrialization at Laikipia County Government, had 50 innovators from different thematic areas exhibit, attend and got featured in various events, forums and launches.

The assistance and various partnerships saw the development of Laikipia Innovation Program which is meant to empower the Individuals with invest able projects referred to as top tier innovators in the county.


Some of the innovators received support from

  1. Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)
  2. Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
  3. Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC)
  4. Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs)
  5. Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI)
  6. Ministry of ICT (Ajira )
  7. Y254 and KBC
  8. Nation Media
  9. Chandaria Innovation Center
  10. NEM Blockchain





  11. This year event with the theme of Embracing Innovation for Economic Development, is expected to be bigger and better from projects which have gone through the development program as well as new and upcoming innovations meant to join the program.

    Being the Home of Black Panthers and attraction sites like Thomson Falls within Nyahururu town, Laikipia County is expected to host all the invited Innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the Country.




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