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NEM Community Reinvigoration Strategy

2020-05-17 03:15:24
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NEM Community Reinvigoration Strategy


This is an announcement from NEM Group about the Community Reinvigoration and Marketing approached. In the initial announcement 5 we committed to publishing this approach within 1 month (10th of May), and it being into implementation within 3 months (10th July 2020).

This post is a summary of longer document, which should also be read and is available here:


NEM has a good community base, however it has in the past had a better one. There is room for improvement. XEM is still one of the largest cap digital assets 3 in the world (top 30 of ~2200), top 10 for Q1 2020 3 in market cap growth. The community that supports it should reflect that and be part of working to improve the above, and more importantly adoption in general.

There is work to do to heal past rifts and to attract new members to NEM. The time leading up to Symbol launch in late 2020 is a perfect time to spend time as a community resolving these issues to ensure the launch goes well and the project is well supported beyond launch.

This is a suggestion for how we can approach the challenge and is intended to generate healthy discussion on how to move forward. The paper deliberately maintains a forward focus, we cannot change the past and will not attempt to, we can only focus on what is to come.

Problem Statement / Opportunity

The NEM community has gone from a very motivated, engaged and supportive group. To one that is only partially engaged and numbers of active members feels to have fallen over the past 2-3 years. The reasons for this are varied but likely include:

  • Perceived delay in Symbol launch due poor expectation setting and limited visibility of public progress
  • Frustration/Arguments/disagreements in response to the above resulting members being banned from some channels
  • Members wanting to engage and contribute to the community, beyond just being holders but being unable to find a way to do so and becoming disenfranchised.
  • The Crypto market has fallen and people are losing value in all tokens they hold

An open source, public chain project generally succeeds or fails based on the community that supports it, promotes and speaks about it in public, builds projects and engages with it. We have an opportunity to put various things in place to help reinvigorate a supportive community around the project. These are outlined below.

Marketing Commitments (Short term):

The following items have been identified as immediate requirements, and things the community has been asking for, for some time. We are targeting release of the below by 31st May 2020:

  • A fuller marketing plan and roadmap published
  • Refreshed NEM.Website complete and released
  • Version 1 of Symbol product website complete and released
  • Version 1 of NEM Platform (NIS1) product website complete and released
  • Publication of NEM ecosystem partners and projects on the website

Community Reinvigoration Recommendations

A summary of the recommendations is below, we encourage everyone to read the complete document (link at the start of this post) for detail on each:

Short Term (1-3 months):

What can we do right now, to build a base from which to grow?

  • Create a community code of conduct
  • An amnesty period and process for all those banned over the past few years
  • Focus groups with community to understand different demographics better
  • NEM Group to publish incorporation documents (articles, by laws, trust deeds, legal structure etc)

Mid Term (1-6 months):

Where do we want to develop as the awareness of the project builds?

  • Japanese Advisory group (a more formal version of focus group above)
  • Implementation of a community platform and DAO, with the aim of handing this over to the community as it becomes self sustaining
  • Creation of a Planned Voting Roadmap/Plan

Long Term:

Once we have that bigger, more engaged community cranking, where do we think we might want to go next.Involvement of the community in more input/roles over time as the engagement matures and the community is functioning well, likely to come out of the DAO platform above. This area will evolve over time.


Having taken stock of where the various activities are right now, we summarise that the community has good foundations but various problems to solve. By working together (all of us), there are opportunities to revive the community and our recommended plan is outlined above.

We are committed to, and have a plan for, delivering to the dates above and encourage all community members to get involved, ask questions, make suggestions, add ideas etc so that this becomes a more welcoming and supportive environment in which to launch Symbol and support the wider project going forward.

Further posts will be made in the coming days/weeks with details, but we hope the community is ready start the discussions today on what kind of place we want to be going forward so we can all work together towards that.


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