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【NEM技術勉強会】Symbol from NEM Technical Reference Questions, Part 1【Symbol白書】

2020-10-10 10:35:39
0.00 mXYM

When I read Symbol from NEM Technical Reference, I had several questions, both minor and complicated ones. I put those questions as comments in 'Symbol解体新書' with red letters.

Before starting the translation of version, I would like to ask first two simple questions here. As translation of version will proceed, I will put more complicated questions as nemlog articles (part 2, 3, ... ).

Page 37 (in, last paragraph of 7.1 Block Fields:

If the effective fee is greater than the transaction MaxFee, the transaction signer keeps the difference. Only the effective fee is deducted from the transaction signer and credited to the harvester.

> Q1. Effective fee goes to the harvester. Then, if the effective fee is greater than MaxFee, the signer cannot take the difference (MaxFee - effective fee = minus). If the effective fee is smaller than the MaxFee, the signer can take the difference, I think. Is this correct?


Page 39, last line of 7.2.3 Resolution Statements

The only difference is that the resolved and unresolved values are 25-byte addresses instead of 8-byte mosaic ids.

> Q2. I think 24-bytes for new symbol blockchain address system.





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