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nemlog creator

Hello I'm "Shu",creator of nemlog.ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
At first,I would like to convey my appreciation for all nemlog users! Thank you very much for using & all your supports! Are you enjoying nemlog?
In this page,I would like to jot down self-introduction w/my thought for nemlog If you have time, please run though this article.
& also if you have opinions & request for me,feel free to send a letter from nemlog.

Development update is frquently posted via twitter so please follow my twitter account.

Why created nemlog?

I always had an intention to create web service which related to crypt-asset. Several ideas in my mind in those days ,but my first assumption was the development is too difficult! & main reason of development hesitation was no enough time at that time... Since the beginning of 2018,crypt-asset value was fallen down drastically,nem which I am backing is also in critical situation. Therefore, I decided to start development with my creed

"I have to do what I can do for nem..."

This was July,2018. firstly I intended to create funding system for my start up, but after many consideration ,nemlog become my first product for nem. I noticed it is good platform for people who involve funding service & store service. They can advertise themselves in nemlog, the service can create one of synergy effect for other future product. Now I belive nemlog is good start point for users & me because I could provide easy tipping function by nem. the function has many potentials to expand other service.

Goal of nemlog

One of goal is increase value of nem.How should I do that? nem is currency ,so important things are following.

 -Place for using
 -Place for earning

these 2 poins are fundamental.nem log is first trial for them. my goal is providing merit & advantage for users,nemlog can be used all people even if they don't have nem. nemlog can provide nem wallet,so user can earn nem immediatelly by just posting an article who has good contents for member. As for obtained nem from members ,it is ok to hold ,tip for others & exchange to fiat, usage is up to you!! Let's earn nem ,it causes one of driver to improve nem value ,nemlog supports the activity. In the future,I intend to consider various nem economy system.(Several ideas already in my mind,bot no time...)
Firstly ,I would like to make tiny tiny economy system by using nemlog.please join the community!

Concept 1 day,Development 1 month.

Development duration is just 1 month as described in caption although past development legacy were used. At first I was considering what to do..."Oh,make blogging system" I suddenly got brainwave & started the development from next day. I could have enough time to develop due to salaried worker (I am making this kind of system but my actual job is not web designer) ,but completed it by scrificing my sleeping time.lol
I created this system pretty quick ,so might still have bug,please let me know if you find. All design & code were done by myself ,so might be selfish sytem & page layout. I would appreciate if you use with your own method. Please also send me a request like "I want this kind of function!". I will find the time to enhance the sytem based on your voice!

Basically nemlog is free service ,but when you tip nem to other users, tiny system fee is happened & it will be utilized for server maintenance & I also appreciate your donation.

nemlog is individual service currently , but in the future, I would like to have team to expedite project development. Currently I am salaried worker so not have enogh time to maintenance, if you have curiosity for nemlog,please support me.

About my history...

I was born in 1980. Around Middle age ,but I have Mohawk hair & I have 3 kids,No awareness of father lol. But my creed is

"The person who makes a new thing must be eccentric!"

Under this rule for myself,I do not miss hair cut every two week.

And I used to like machinery since I was a junior high school student, I've been doing programs for a long time as my hobby. When I was a high school student,a program software which I created ws sold about 10 million yen, "I am a Genius theory" was come up inside of me at that time lol. .(It was peak of life hahaha) Even though I became a university student & a worker, I have been keeping programs as a hobby, & have experience a lot of program languages. I think that the experiences of making many apps and web services have been affected to nemlog development. ,but it is a largest mystery why I'm doing job that is not related to IT area at all.


I was confident that I was able to start nemlog in about a month from concept phase although using past program code heritage, There was also a painful days in one person's work, but encouraged by SNS and people around me to complete nemlog, I'm really happy and I feel appritiation for all.

My future prospects is that I would like to expand these project to world wide, not for only Japan. The problem at the moment is that there is no time although I have several nem project ideas,please help me lol.