(1).Create nemlog wallet
Create nemlog wallet to store nem
Tip from other users nem will be storeed to this wallet.
After completing user registration, click the "Create nemlog wallet" button on the top page,
move to nemlog wallet create page.

Click "Create nemlog wallet" only once.
The following will be output, please write down surely.

(1) .nemlog wallet address
(2). Private key

Please be careful not to let others know the private key.
Private key is not stored in nemlog system,just stored wallet address from the security point of view.
Each data is issued by nem system,not from nemlog ,so nemlog will not able to reissue them.Please be careful not to lose data.

Create a key file (instead of password) to be used for identity verification at tipping nem.
After creating nemlog wallet,please download key-file.

Key-file will be created as "nem_social.txt" ,so please keep it in a safe place
(Those who use safari will be saved as "Unknown." You can use it as is, but you can change the file name as you like.)

If you lose the key file, you can create it again by the following procedure.
After login, select "Account" -> "Create Key-file"
Input written down private key & Click "Download" button ,then create Key-file.

Please do not pass this key file to others & publish it on the Internet.
Different encription is applied for each user's key file
,so even if the key-file is stolen,nem in wallet won't be stolen immediately ,but please manage your key-file strictly.
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