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Privacy Policy

NEMLOG (hereinafter referred to as "this site") specifies the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") as follows regarding the handling of privacy information in the service (hereinafter referred to as "the service") .

Article 1 Privacy Information

・ "Private information" means "personal information" referred to in the Personal Information Protection Law, information on living individuals, including the name, date of birth, address, phone number that can identify a specific individual by the information.
・ "History information and characteristic information" in the privacy information means other "personal information" specified above, and the services you used, the items you purchased, the history of the pages and ads you saw, search keyword, the date and time of use, the method of use, usage environment, sex, age, user's IP address, cookie information, location information, individual identification information of the terminal etc.

Article 2 How to collect privacy information

・ This site will not accept e-mail address, crypt currency wallet address, credit card number (not use on this site currently but need to provide it to the service company when we start Paid service.) when the user makes use registration We may ask you for personal information. In addition, personal information of users exchanged between this site and users and information on settlement will be posted on the partners' site of the site (including information providers, advertisers, advertisement distribution destinations, etc. (hereinafter referred to as " ) And so on.
・ This site has information on the user's services and purchased products, the history of pages and advertisements you have browsed, the searched keywords, the date and time of use, the usage method, the usage environment (mobile terminal The communication status, various setting information at the time of use, etc.), history information such as IP address, cookie information, individual identification information of the terminal, and characteristic information. And when user uses the service of this site or affiliated party, We may collect it.

Article 3 Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The purpose to collect and use personal information is as follows.

Article 4 Third party provision of personal information

・ This site will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining user's agreement in advance except in the following cases. However, except as permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations.
・ Nevertheless the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the following cases shall not apply to third parties.

Article 5 Disclosure of personal information

・ When this site is requested to disclose personal information from him / her, we will disclose it to him / her without delay. However,if any of following matters are conformed,we may not disclose all or part of it, and if we decide not to disclose it, we will notify you the situation without delay. For disclosure of personal information, a fee of 1,000 JPY will be charged per case.
・ Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we will not disclose information other than personal information such as history information and characteristic information in principle.

Article 6 Correction and deletion of personal information

・ If the personal information in this site is incorrect information, the user can request correction or deletion of personal information to this site by the procedure specified by this site.
・ When we determine that we need to respond to the request from the user by request of the preceding paragraph, we will correct or delete the personal information without delay and notify the user.

Article 7 Suspension of personal information use, etc.

・ This site stops or eliminates usage of personal information from principal due to reasons that it is handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use, or it was acquired by improper method, is requested from principal, we conduct necessary investigation without delay and stop using the personal information based on the result, and notify the person informed accordingly. However,we will take alternative measures for secure rights/profit of principal if possibele in case, large amount of fee is required for suspending of personal information use ,there are difficulties for suspension.

Article 8 Change of privacy policy

・ The contents of this policy can be changed without notifying the user.
・ Unless otherwise specified by this site, the changed privacy policy will take effect from the time it is posted on this website.

Article 9 Inquiries to us

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following counter.
nemlog Inquiries Secretariat:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,