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114.868 XEM 432 9 1
2019-04-20 21:38:01
Dear NemJapan Community, Thanks for the great projects you develop and make available. I would like to highlight NemLog and the upcoming Nemgraph. These projects are a huge opportunity for Nem to gain popularity. They are not classic industry use cases, but increase the reach, the visibility and the transactions as well as the fees. They provide the community platforms, and extension of the same, beyond the invest...
2.6138 XEM 213 0 0
2019-03-19 15:59:11
Hi, everyone! I've been planning to remake an old MSDOS game for a long time. It is about "The Fugger 2", a late medieval economic simulation. The license has expired and the game may come out as remake under a different name. I'm looking for someone who dares to read code of the game or initiate a reverse engineering process. I will renew and insert the graphic. The game consists of individual graphic panels and text. No movement or animations (rare). Does anyone know about...
3.5 XEM 221 3 1
2019-03-13 09:03:07
There are a few experiences or observations in life that were important to me as a human being. Of course, an observation depends on the point of view of the observer. That's why every contribution can be debated. The points that I would like to address in the next contributions, I see as generally valid. The first observation is: For a natural personality development, a healthy community is needed. I see this point as truth, and I want to explain it. ...
5.2142 XEM 265 3 0
2019-03-11 17:36:43
In some cases, after opening the nanowallet, connection problems can occur.You can make this problem visible by looking at the nodes color at the top right.If the node is red, there is no connection.In this case, click on Node, here you can see which node is currently connected and select a new one from the list. The connection should be there again and the node green. Here is a short video, it's supposed to illustrate process
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16.2 XEM 197 8 0
2019-03-08 18:38:46
Hi, I had promised to create a design for the ramen shop. There are a few problems with understanding. I am not sure if I understand the task correctly. Google Translate is still capable of improvement. Since we have different interpretations of design (West -Japan / Asia) it was hard. Nevertheless, I hope you like the post. I was inspired by other participants. All great logos, and really inspiring. You should see i...
13.3286 XEM 227 7 0
2019-03-07 02:26:59
Do we consider ethics in technology? I was born a daughter a week ago. Since then, I have to admit, I had many sleepless nights and a kind of recalibration of my thoughts takes place. I do not have a new position yet, but the timeline has been extended. Innovations that I consider positive today could become an everyday problem for my descendants. Of course, the long-term consequences of a technology or economy should always be considered. But let's face it, the thought is more abstract...
134.9265 XEM 1294 14 4
2019-02-22 02:40:46
Dear Nemlog members, I decided to do a video about Nemlog. After my log-in registration, I have had very positive experiences with the portal and its community. I would like to thank again for the warm welcome. If you come from another part of the world, the letters and layout of the page are unfamiliar. But thanks to the well-embedded translation mechanism, you can find your way around quickly. The design is fresh and after a bit of training, you have a good overview. I'm alwa...
79.2843 XEM 727 13 2
2019-02-20 23:29:46
Hi Nembers,For some time I had been thinking about ordering NEM hoodies / shirts for my personal use. Unfortunately, I did not succeed to find suitable offers. In view of the current events around NEM this is certainly not a major priority. But... Like most Nembers, I hope for a positive development and an increase in the once-numerous NEM community. Many cool products with and around NEM, originated / originate in Japan. I recommend the following link: https://...